Welcome to District Kitchen, a brand new, beautifully constructed food hall with design features that tip a hat to Harborside’s rich industrial history.  From its Pennsylvania Railroad origins, to its past as a busy warehouse and storage space, to now – a buzzing waterfront destination for locals, commuters, and visitors alike. The highly anticipated food hall has just opened its doors at Harborside, revealing just a taste of what Jersey City has to offer.

The striking, bold, black and white floor tiles reflect Harborside’s old food mart days and the wall mural with black and white photos show the complex during its industrial peak, reminding us of what once was.  Today, it’s the glowing faces of excitement upon the first glance at a menu and the welcoming atmosphere of District Kitchen that keeps us coming back for more.  And more!

This food hall is run by a carefully curated selection of local restaurateurs of various backgrounds, all with the same goal in mind: to provide “JC-ers” with a fun and spirited place to gather over delicious food and drinks (we also have a bar, serving beer, wine, and cocktails).  We look forward to hosting your late-afternoon post-meeting snack runs, your quick meetings over a bite of something equal parts delightful and divine, and your happy hour gossip sessions over something stirred, not shaken.

With the addition of District Kitchen, Harborside Atrium is quickly becoming the place to be in Jersey City.  With various dining options, a full calendar of events for the young and the young at heart, and retail coming together in one large space, there’s no stopping here – unless, of course, you’re arriving by Light Rail or NY Waterway Ferry, both of which stop right at our doors.

We’re open five days a week, from 7am to 7pm.  For more information about Harborside Jersey City and District Kitchen, please visit harborsidejc.com or follow along on social media @HarborsideJC and @DistrictKitchenJC.

Harborside JC

Harborside 3

210 Hudson Street

Jersey City, NJ 07311